Aqua-health Aquashine – 25L

A water polisher designed to maintain the sparkle in pool water. It contains ingredients that bind with materials which can cause cloudy water allowing them to be easily filtered out of the pool. It also conditions the filter to assist in the removal of suspended matter.

• Improves filter efficiency.
• It’s concentrated; 1L will treat 100,000L of pool water when used on a maintenance basis.
• Fast acting – coagulated particles will be filtered out or settle overnight
• Effective in a wide range of water qualities (pH, alkalinity, hardness, etc).
• Pool can be used immediately after treatment – no waiting period.
• Can be used in conjunction with other pool chemicals.
Avaiable Pack Size
25 L
Recommended Dosage
For initial use 200ml/10,000L of pool water, for ongoing maintenance 100mL/10,000L of pool water.

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